“Who Else Wants To Know The Secret Traffic Source Marketers Are Turning To When They Can’t Get Results With Facebook Or Google?

Plus, How A Retired Vascular Surgeon From New York Is Helping Average People With Limited Budgets And No Technical Expertise Get The Much-Needed Edge In Generating Sales Online!

Dear financial freedom seeker,

If you’d like to find out the fastest way to flood your online business with quality leads, email opt-ins and sales, then consider yourself in luck, because you’ve just stumbled onto a secret traffic source (that’s not being talked about in the internet marketing community) that created more online success stories than social media!

I’m not joking!

And I’ll prove it.

Plus, I’ll even drive your traffic for you, help you generate sales, build your email list, save you a ton of time, a whole bunch of money and help you become financially free in a much shorter time than you ever thought possible using this little-known traffic source.

But first, I want to share with you...

“How I Managed To Lose Half My Life’s Fortune Overnight!

When they asked Burt Reynolds why Arnold Schwarznegger is rich and he is not, he famously answered: “2 ex wives!”

It would be amusing, if it weren’t so tragic.

Jeff Bezos knows. His wife Mackenzie walked away with $38,000,000,000 in settlements after 25 years of marriage. TAX FREE!

Turns out losing half your fortune to your ex is a not-so-exclusive club that includes Alec Wildenstein, Rupert Murdoch, Bernie Ecclestone, Steve Wynn, Harold Hamm, Adnan Khashoggi, Dmitry Rybolovlev, Craig McCaw, Mel Gibson, Robert L. Johnson, Roman Abramovich, Charles Edgar Fipke and millions of other ex-husbands we never heard of had to watch the judge put their hard-earned money and assets on a platter and...

“...Cut It In Half!”

My name is David Glass, MD and I practiced medicine for over 38 years.

I too am a member of this club!

I know it’s a bit hard to believe a real medical doctor, let alone a recognized board certified vascular surgeon, would be writing to you about traffic, leads, sales and success in building online businesses, but bear with me for a second, because I’m writing to you for a good reason.

First, am I a real medical doctor?


You can check me out on US News, MD dot com and WEBMD.

I retired several years ago. I don’t actively practice surgery anymore.

But if you think a surgeon's retirement is all about going on cruises, flying business class to exotic destinations, sipping whiskey and smoking cigars, you’d be wrong!

Several years ago I went through a dirty vindictive divorce from my wife of 15 years who not only had me pay her a hefty alimony settlement of $10,000 a month for the next 7 years…

“...But Also Convinced The Judge To Force Me To Pony Up $400,000 To Cover Her Attorney Fees!”


It gets worse, because this profiteering-vixen didn’t stop there.

She hired a forensic accountant to investigate my finances to squeeze more money out of me. The bean-counter found nothing, but the court ruled I had to pay his 6-figure bill too!

These were supposed to be my golden years.

But seeing my ex-wife walk away with half my hard-earned wealth, made me put my retirement plans on hold.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going hand to mouth or anything.

I’ve paid off my mortgage, I paid my daughter’s way through medical school and my son works at an investment bank in New York.

But my life is far from over. There are at least 30 more years left in this bad boy and I am used to a comfortable lifestyle that requires a steady 6-figure cash flow.

“Dr. Glass, Okay, I Get It! But Why Are You Telling Me Your Sob Story?”

I’m not looking for sympathy or anything.

However, I wanted to address any lingering concerns you may have as to why an accomplished surgeon who is an ex-Assistant Professor of Surgery at Cornell University is writing to you about making money from the internet?!

It’s simple.

Because my divorce and lavish lifestyle put me in a position I didn’t expect to end up on the brink of my retirement. In fact, I was supposed to retire rich and happy, enjoy myself, surrounded by my lovely wife and my children, relishing the fruits of my 38 years of hard work!

But that didn’t pan out the way I hoped. Which led me to search for other means of making a living at the ripe age of 70. And that’s why I turned to internet marketing, where…

“I’ve Hit One Brick Wall After Another!"

I quickly depleted a huge chunk of whatever was left of my nest egg in search of a proven-to-work online income generating strategy.

I was assured that making money online wasn’t brain surgery, but it kinda always felt like it was.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty sharp guy, but I’ve struggled to grasp the key components to a stable online income. Like so many of you, I tried selling on Amazon, dropshipping on a Shopify store, launching a line of nootropic supplements and finally trying pay per call advertising on Google Adwords. Each venture failed…..

And that annoyed the hell out of me!

After amassing a library’s worth of online courses, some of which contradict each other, I’ve dug deep to find out...

“...What Makes The Game-Changing Difference Between People Who Enjoy Huge Profits And People Who Never Make Money?”

Let me save you $100,000 in “research” and just give you the answer.


It became evident that anyone who has access to high-quality targeted leads for their offers - makes money.

The most common cause for someone struggling to build their online business is…

“...Lack Of Quality Targeted Visitors To Their Marketing Website!”

Traffic to your online business is what gasoline is to your vehicle.

  • If there’s no gas in the tank - the car won’t start.
  • If there’s some gas in the tank - the car will start, but won’t go far.
  • If there’s enough gas in the tank, but it’s not quality high-octane fuel - the car will go, but it won’t go fast and you’ll blow the engine.

But if there’s enough high-octane petroleum in the tank - the car will go, will go fast, will last the distance and won’t break down.

All this begs one question…

“Dr Glass, What’s The Best Traffic Source For Affiliates And Business Opportunity Marketers?”

First, let me share with you, based on my tragic experience in online marketing, what the perfect traffic source is not.

The best traffic source is not Facebook Ads

Probably one of the single most expensive misconceptions in the entire internet marketing history, Facebook Ads have somehow become the go-to traffic source for every marketer, in every niche and in every country.

But when you get down to the numbers, Facebook Ads’ appeal wears off faster than a mild hangover. Case in point

Here are the Facebook Ads prices as of 2015:

Just a few short years ago, you could still make an argument for Facebook Ads being a relative affordable traffic source, because the average CPC was $0.41. We’ll get to the actual conversions and ease of use in a bit. For now, let’s talk specifically about price.

The average Facebook Ads cost per click in 2019?

“Average Facebook Ads Cost-Per-Click Skyrocketed A Whopping 419%!

That’s an almost 100% year-to-year cost increase.

And it’s not slowing down!

You can expect CPC to keep climbing, because Facebook’s shareholders want to keep earning more money, and Facebook's primary source of income is ad revenue.

Plus, keep in mind that most people are ignorant about marketing, and they still foolishly believe that Facebook ads are the #1 best way to advertise anything online.

But that’s just getting started. Things get way worse from here.

Facebook has become increasingly more complex over the years, raising the bar on just how technical you have to be to leverage the platform to drive targeted eye balls to your offers.

Why else do you think there is an entire software-as-a-service industry just to manage your Facebook Ads account?

Why else are there millions of so-called “Facebook ads experts” that claim they know the secret to profitable FB advertising?

Is it because its easy? No, it’s not. It’s because it’s very-very hard!

But it gets worse, because…

“...Facebook Simply Doesn’t Deliver The Conversions You Need!”

This is a screenshot from my Facebook Ads account showing how I’ve paid up to $209.20 per conversion to my sales funnel. Those are not sales conversions. Those are lead conversions.

So you have to ask yourself…

Even if I am off by 90%, can you afford to pay up to $20 per lead, optin, sign up, email subscriber or even a click to your landing page?

I sure as heck couldn’t and won’t!

The best traffic source is not Google Adwords.

In spite of what the news are reporting, social media is nowhere near close to being the leader in online advertisement.

There’s just one king and it’s the big “G!”

It’s still the largest traffic source and the most targeted.

There is just one problem.

While you can get in front of your dream prospects at the moment they’re looking for your product with paid search or video ads, you have to be willing to spend a ton of moolah to generate a lead.

$58.64 Per Click? No Way, José!”

This is just unrealistic.

You can’t expect normal people to be able to afford these outrageous click prices.

Why would Google tell millions of people who are willing to spend money on ads to take a hike by pricing their traffic so far out of reach, it’s not even funny?

There are 2 reasons:

1.Google Doesn’t Want Your Business

Google targets large media buyers like McDonalds, Nike and Coca-Cola who spend tens of millions of dollars a year on advertising. You and I just aren’t spending enough money to generate any interest from Google.

2. Google Artificially Drives CPC Up Through Their Bidding System

Simply put, Google raises their prices in real time, based on how many people are competing for the same keyword. This is doom for people like you and me, because the more profitable the niche market, the more marketers/businesses compete in it, the more we’re all automatically driving the CPC up, simply by participating. This means that rising CPCs are as inevitable as climate change!

“What Makes The Perfect Traffic Source?”


The perfect traffic source should convert into leads and sales. What’s the point of getting cheap traffic if it’s not converting into sales. Over the years we’ve seen the quick rise and even quicker fall of websites like adfly that touted themselves for delivering dirt-cheap traffic. But the problem was - it never converted into leads and sales, so it was pointless to waste time there. Push traffic and SMS traffic fall into this category of exciting cheap traffic sources that simply are of no use to marketers who want to make money by selling products.


The perfect traffic source should deliver prospects in a buyer state of mind. In recent years, the terms “social mindset” and “buyer mindset” were coined by social media gurus to explain why social media visitors aren’t exactly a trigger happy bunch. Turned out, social media networks have done a great job of zombifying their users to consume content, creating the opposite effect as far as buying stuff is concerned. As a result, an entire industry of experts sprouted teaching how to move a user from a social mindset to a buyer mindset when driving traffic off social media sites.


The perfect traffic source must be affordable both for starting and scaling. It should offer a possibility to start slow and scale as you grow. This is why Facebook Ads have won the hearts of millions in the early 2010s - it allowed you to spend a few cents per click, making lead acquisition a highly affordable exercise. But it came to an end the moment Zuckerberg’s greed glands got swollen! The same thing happened to Google Adwords, as more people caught up with it, they created an artificial competition that shot the CPCs through the roof in virtually every profitable market, sending small advertisers looking for greener pastures elsewhere.


The perfect traffic source should deliver prospects in a buyer state of mind. In recent years, the terms “social mindset” and “buyer mindset” were coined by social media gurus to explain why social media visitors aren’t exactly a trigger happy bunch. Turned out, social media networks have done a great job of zombifying their users to consume content, creating the opposite effect as far as buying stuff is concerned. As a result, an entire industry of experts sprouted teaching how to move a user from a social mindset to a buyer mindset when driving traffic off social media sites.


The perfect traffic source should be cleansed of any fraudulent clicks. In 2019 global advertisers spent $23,000,000,000 on fake traffic across all the major advertising networks (yes, even Facebook, Google and Bing). No one talks about it, because it's ugly and it’s inconvenient. But the truth is, about half your budget (at least!) is spent on not-real-visitors. Some of it is pure “internet stuff” like indexing bots and crawlers. But some of it is outright fraud, for which you pay with your hard-earned dollars.


The perfect traffic source should deliver quality leads and sales fast. If you could pick between making money slowly and making money quickly - which would you pick? Many people don’t even know it’s a choice. They accept the idea that making money is a slow tedious process. But it’s not, if you cherry pick your traffic right.

“The Unexpected Lifeline Traffic Source That Saved Me From Going Back To Work In Retirement!”

When I got into online marketing, I followed the same beaten path as any other clueless fool.

  • I ran the Facebook ads.
  • I submitted Google Adwords campaigns.
  • I hired optimization experts to rank my site on the first page of Google.
  • I purchased likes on Facebook to build a following.
  • I paid Instagram influencers to promote me.
  • All to no avail. Every door I knocked on seemed like a dead end…

...Until I stumbled into a YouTube video about a little-known traffic method called Solo Ads.

What is a Solo Ad?

It’s a one-time advertisement to someone’s email list.

It’s a lot like buying an advertising spot on a TV channel or Radio station, minus the hefty price tag.

Better… solo ads usually come with a performance guarantee.

Let me explain.

If you advertise on your local radio station, they will charge you for circulation. So if for example they’ve got a listener base of 10,000 listeners, they’ll charge you $500 per 1,000 listeners = $5,000.

They won’t guarantee 10,000 listeners would be tuned in to their radio show at the precise moment your ad runs.

They won’t guarantee any one of these 10,000 listeners will respond to your ad.

They won’t guarantee anything, really, besides running your ad as is.

You’ll live through the same scenario if you choose to advertise in your local paper or on your local TV station. And this is...

“...The Absolute Worst Possible Way To Get Traffic!”


Because you’re putting out an impossible-to-measure ad message to a wide audience who didn’t indicate any interest towards your product or service.

You can’t know how many people have seen or heard your ad.

You can’t know how many responded.

You can’t accurately track conversions.

At best, you’re hoping it will work and you will make some money.

Was it the ad?

Was it the landing page?

Was it insufficient exposure to the audience?

This leaves you guessing things like…

Should you try another audience?

Should you change your offer?

Should you optimize your landing page?

But more often, you just lose money, and walk away without any idea why the ad failed.

Which derails your entire business, because this information is of critical importance to the survival of your business!

“Finally! An Easy Fast Quality Traffic Source That Provides Measurable Predictable Results!

This is where email solo ads are so much better.

Let’s go through this together.

Imagine Joe Blow has an email list of 100,000 subscribers of cat owners.

And let’s say, for argument’s sake, you’re selling a technologically advanced cat toy for $100.

Cat owners are the perfect audience for you.

And Joe Blow wants to make some money.

So you make a handshake deal to run an ad to Joe’s email list.

Joe knows his list so he’s pretty confident he can get 20% of his subscribers to open their email and roughly 10% to click on the link. This means Joe is comfortable to promise he can get 20,000 to open and read your email and 10,000 subscribers to visit your cat toys website.

In exchange Joe asks a set price of $5,000. In other words, Joe commits to delivering 10,000 targeted clicks to your website for just $0.50 CPC.

Keyword: Guaranteed!

Why is this better than Radio, TV, Facebook, Google, Social Media, Push, Native ads and all the other traffic sources?

“Because Email Is The
#1 Sales-Making Traffic Source On The Internet!”

According to Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer, email marketing produces 43,000% ROI, making it the highest-yielding traffic source on the internet!

In other words…

All things being equal, a dollar invested in email traffic is going to produce more leads and more sales than any other traffic source.

Here’s what this looks like in the real world…

Mail Munch conducted a study where they compared all the traffic sources they are using to generate leads.

They wanted to know where most leads came from, what traffic source had the highest conversion and what traffic source delivered buyers that spent the most money.

Here’s what they found out…

All this means..

“Solo Ads (Email Traffic) Is Damn Near Bullet-Proof Traffic!

That’s all great, but before you get excited, I have to be honest with you.

Solo ads are not perfect.

They don’t work equally well for everyone.

And there’s some danger of fraudulent traffic (I’ll tell you how to nip this one in the bud in a minute!).

First, who solo ads are perfect for?


People who are marketing to niches where cost per click prices are through the roof like “make money online” “weight loss” “art of picking up women” “survival and prepping” and other ultra-profitable niche markets. Due to reasons explained above, Facebook and Google CPCs are through the roof, making it virtually impossible to get in the game on a budget.


Affiliate marketers, info marketers, MLMers and business opportunity marketers in the weight loss niche, dating/relationship niche, forex/binary niche, financial/crypto niche, pets niche, supplements niche, muscle building niche, survival niche markets and other large niche markets. These markets are wide enough and deep enough to offer abundant amounts of email newsletter owners with whom you can do deals.


People who are marketing in highly-competitive search engine traffic niches. This is true the more profitable and the older the market is. For example, beauty products, photography and keto are all highly hostile to new marketers trying to elbow their way into the SERPs.


People who are marketing in niches that are oversaturated with free content, make getting free traffic through content creation an improbable exercise.


People who need traffic today and not 3 years from now. According to a new study published by, a recognized authority in SEO research, it takes an average of 950 days to rank your website on page 1 of Google. Plus, they published another study revealing 90% of all content never makes it to page 1-10 of Google, while only 5.93% of content gets 10 visitors per month or less. In other words, the chances of you creating and ranking content on page 1 of Google are as high as winning a lottery on a rainy Tuesday!


People who are willing to invest money in traffic, not time or hard work. This is a biggie, because the common lie of internet marketing is pushing a button, ranking a website on Google and getting a flood of targeted visitors that buy your stuff, while you sip margaritas in Punta Cana. Nothing could be further from the truth. The so-called free traffic sources like SEO, blogging and social media marketing are grueling hard work. Plus, they don’t work, as the studies I shared above show. Solo ads are a great fit for people who want speed and comfort over hard work and losing time.

Warning! Don’t Buy Another Solo Ad Until You Read This!”

One of the things you may note when you research solo ads, is the amount of fraudulent traffic circling around.

Although it's nowhere near the numbers Facebook and Google got caught doing (shared above), it’s still a pretty significant number.

And for any one-woman or one-man show just starting out in their online marketing journey, just one bad solo ad campaign could be devastating.

Here are the 3 major “traffic frauds” that can ruin your next solo ad campaign:


they appear real, but they’re not. Some so-called solo ad providers will flood your website with thousands of visitors they’ll insist are real. But you won’t make any sales. These solo ad sellers employ entire click farms (like the Russian hackers who helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election) to scam honest people out of their hard earned dollars.


it’s quite common place for solo ad sellers to claim they’re going to send you traffic from their email list, but end up sending you all sorts of low quality redirect traffic like domain redirects, pop unders and more.


some email list owners sell solo ads because they can’t make money from their email list any other way. This is technically not fraud, but it can still cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

These are just 3 out of several nasty techniques scammers employ to scam you out of lots of money. Which is why you should…

“...Work With An Upstanding Solo Ad Provider Who’s Got Your Best Interest In Mind!”

If you’re looking for quality traffic to your offer, I invite you to give my solo ad service a risk-free test drive.

I don’t claim to be the best guy around, but I do make the claim that I provide top notch quality traffic for people who choose to employ my services at driving quality targeted traffic to their offers.

In fact, don’t take it from me, here are just some of the people I’ve helped start generating traffic from scratch, literally overnight!

"David knows how to deliver good quality buyers’ traffic with great service.

My first a solo ad order with him got me an 80% opt-in rate which is 91% percent tier one.

David is always ready to help customers tackle issues that may affect their traffic delivery.

My first solo ad order got me an 80% opt-in rate which is mostly tier 1 buyers’ traffic."

- Jon Condit

"David’s quality traffic has increased my landing page opt-in rate by 12%. The subscribers have been outperforming every other ones on my list with significant front end and back end sales. I need to get on his list of recurring purchases.

David is one of the best solo ads sellers I’ve come across. My results in 1 week of working with him are superb. I made some front end sales and the engagement on my list has increased by 15%."

- Loren Vanderschoot

"I had David selling me traffic for my high ticket offer. I got incredibly high opt-in rates even with my email validation software. He’s a great asset to me as he helps to optimize my funnel and email copies.

David’s traffic and services have been eye-opening for me. I got incredible front end sales on my high ticket offer in addition to the high opt-in rate I didn’t expect even with my email validation software."

- Brain Collier

“Want To Run A Solo Ad With Me? Here’s How It Works...”

I Offer You:


Top Tier Traffic

90% top-tier traffic - you need customers from top-tier countries that want to spend money. Not freebie seekers. I will send you traffic from the Big-5 (United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) where customers speak English and have credit cards they love to use. At a premium I can give you 100% top-tier traffic and even 100% USA only traffic.


Targeted Audience

Your offer will go in front of a targeted Internet Marketing/Make Money Online/Make Money From Home/Business Opportunity Audience - My list is hand-crafted to be highly responsive to offers in the Make Money Online, Internet Marketing, and Business Opportunity fields. These are leads that love buying and consuming the newest product, the newest membership, and the newest software. If your offer fits, I'd love to put your new shiny object in front of them.


Fast Delivery

You will receive your traffic within 24-hours - I’ll get it done fast, so you can grow your business and build momentum.


Certified Real Traffic

You will only pay for real traffic - I use a real-time specialized filter on all the traffic I send in order to separate out any fake or bot traffic that may have somehow snuck onto my list. No fake injections, no non-email clicks-- only real people. And if, somehow, some bot does sneak through the cracks, I will send you all the missing clicks for free.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

You will get detailed real-time analytics - I will send you a link where you can watch the traffic coming in real time so you have a finger on the pulse as the campaign is running.


Personally Crafted Email

You can have me create a new email swipe written just for you or tweak your swipe - if the thought of writing emails swipes terrifies you, I am happy to write a custom email creative for your offer for you.


Guaranteed Results

You will get guaranteed results - I know what offers convert well with my customer list. And, unlike others, I won't run my traffic to just any old offer. I will tell you if I feel it is not a good fit. However, if I feel like your offer is a good fit, I will promise a 25% opt-in rate to your list or higher. And if I don't hit that 25%, I will keep sending you clicks for free until I do get you that 25% opt-in from your order. Guaranteed!


First Timer Discount

You will get a discount - you don’t know me, I don’t know you. So I’m showing my appreciation, by giving you a discount on your first traffic test-drive, in addition to all the other perks you’re getting.


+10% Bonus Traffic

You will receive a 10% traffic bonus for free - I will send you more traffic than you pay for. First-time customers can expect 10% more clicks than you ordered. Bought 200 clicks? You'll get 220. Grabbed 500 clicks? Expect 550+ etc.

“What Email Traffic Packages Can You Choose From?”

* Please note that the guarantee only applies after I have approved your offer and landing page.

2000 clicks


.74 per click

1000 clicks



.79 per click

500 clicks


.84 per click

300 clicks


.84 per click

200 clicks


.84 per click

100 clicks


.89 per click

“Your Email Solo Ad Is 400% Guaranteed!”

100% REAL

I guarantee you’ll receive only real quality traffic and no fake clicks. If some fake clicks slip through the cracks, I’ll resend those clicks at no charge to you. I commit to delivering only genuine quality traffic to you.

100% 1 OUT OF 4 OPT-IN

People who are marketing in niches that are oversaturated with free content, make getting free traffic through content creation an improbable exercise.


I will send out your offer to a targeted email list of prospects who are actively showing interest in the “make money online” products. You will receive at least or more the amount of clicks you ordered. If clicks are missing, I will resend your offer to my subscribers until you’ve received all your traffic in full.


People who are marketing in highly-competitive search engine traffic niches. This is true the more profitable and the older the market is. For example, beauty products, photography and keto are all highly hostile to new marketers trying to elbow their way into the SERPs.

“Unclear how it starts” claim a free email consultation. Let’s offer a free 15 min no obligation “strategy call.”

(promise, no hard selling or pressure tactics!)

Book a call with me

Know what you want? Need in-depth advice? Let's chat.

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A's for your Q's

Can you do USA clicks only?

Yes. My normal traffic is a minimum of 90% Tier-1 countries, but I can further segment my audience to provide 100% USA clicks. Just contact me for details.

Do you track my order?

Of course. I provide free tracking for all of my customers, so you can wake up and see where your money went. I will set up a tracking link so you can watch in real-time as your traffic comes in, and send you the Detailed Traffic Report after, so you can feel safe knowing you got high-quality traffic.

Can you help me track opt-in rates?

Tracking email opt-ins is very easy. You can either do it by using a capture page builder software or by using a tracking software. I will be happy to show you how to use either or both. Just contact me using the form above.  

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes. Your order can be refunded before your solo ad campaign has started. If you’d like to stop your solo ad campaign mid-way through - I’m sorry, I won’t be able to do that or offer you a full refund. If you’re unsatisfied with your order, I promise to work with you and on some occasions to resend your order for free, but all sales are final and no refunds will be given on completed solo ad campaigns, because of the obvious costs incurred on my end.  

How big is/are your email list(s)?

Since mastering the art and science of email lead generation, I’ve grown several lists to the tune of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Plus, I manage other people’s email lists, who occasionally offer solo ads but don’t openly talk about it. We can scale this big, if you’ve got the budget to match your ambition.

When do you start delivery?

I will deliver your order in 24 hours of verifying your link and tracking, especially if you’d like to leverage the 25% opt-in rate guarantee I am extending. Contact me using the form above for details.

Do you guarantee sales?

The simple truth is that no one can guarantee sales ( I wish I could because my job would be easier). There are numerous factors besides traffic that go into making sales like your sales copy, email follow up, price point, the offer itself, etc. What I can guarantee is I will send you fresh, high-quality leads that are warmed up to your niche and looking to buy products like yours, based on their past history. And I’ll even overdeliver so you have an even better chance, at my own expense.

What if I don’t have a good product to promote?

Contact me using the form above and I’ll suggest several high-converting offers that are converting for me and my clients right now.  

Do I need an email creative/swipe?

No, but if you have one it helps. I will write my own email creative for the promotion. You just need an offer to promote.  

I’d love to work with you again. Do you offer repeat discounts?

Yes. We’ll talk when we get there.  

Do you accept Paypal?



Who is David Glass?

A retired vascular surgeon who was forced to find another means of income after going through a nasty divorce mere months before retirement, that nearly wiped him out financially. David turned to internet marketing seeking another means of making a living, knowing whatever was left of his nest egg would not cover his lifestyle. David is a full-time internet marketer, super-affiliate and a solo ads advocate, helping people generate quality traffic at the push of a button.